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Who Rules the World? (1)

Who really rules our world today -- the opinions on this are deeply divided. The ages of a Sun King, the idealization of the Leo archetype, are over. Uranus now rules in the form of countless groups, organizations, and communities that often operate behind the scenes. However, an official poster child of this development can still be found in the meeting of the powerful at the G8 summits. This is what occurred at the start of the week on June 17 around 3 p.m. as the political leaders of America, Russia, Germany, France, England, Canada, Japan, and Italy sat down at a little round table to solve the acute problems of the world.

Why China is still missing in this circle but the EU is represented multiple times is probably due less to the significance of these states than the old political reservations. Nevertheless, an astrological glance behind the official facades seems like a good idea. Who are the men and women governing our world, who gets along with each other – or not, and, above all: How are they involved in the current topics of our age?

Vladimir Putin

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin will be allowed to go first. As can easily be recognized in almost every photo from recent weeks, Putin apparently has a permanent bad mood. A Sun-Saturn conjunction obviously cannot be expected to be the life of every party, even if the Sun is in Libra and has a Neptune-Mercury conjunction at its side. But power weighs heavy on his shoulder during these days. This situation is compounded (in the course of Saturn's transit over his Scorpio-Venus) by the divorce from Lyudmila, his wife of many years. And all of this could possibly get much worse.

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Methusaleh: Long Life made easy

He lived for 42,422 days or more than 116 years - if his data is correct, which has even been scientifically studied in the meantime. The Aries Methuselah Jiroemon Kimura has now died, six years younger than the mega-record holder, double Pisces Jeanne Calment (picture) who entered the annals of age with her 122 years. Even with a different birth month, the Japanese Kimura (who the registry office has recently presumed to be a Pisces after all) would have a linked lucky four-leaf clover of Uranus, Saturn, and Jupiter in his horoscope. However, the oldest person in the world has now made space for an Iron Lady by the name of Misao Okawa (115 years and 100 days) on the list of evergreen human beings. In turn, this little persevering Pisces woman proves to have super stamina with the three slow-runners, a signum of the golden vintage that has only been survived by a handful of the elders. But what about the personal, astrological indications of a long existence – even without such generational aspects? 

In astrology, Saturn (the Capricorn ruler) is always also the lord of the three time periods: past, present, and future – what has come into the world, what exists, and what will still happen. It reflects time itself, which also includes old age. A well-placed Saturn as the basis of a very long life is therefore certainly not a flaw because it also symbolizes stubborn and stable relationships in every respect. Yet, whether someone exceeds the customary span of existence also depends just as much on Jupiter. Because it exaggerates everything that lives to the point of the superlative, it also stands for records. Capricorn, as the sign after Sagittarius and therefore also its "2nd House," marks Jupiter's talents and longevity when it is connected to Saturn. These two factors are also found more frequently in “ancient” people, linked with their personal planets. According to the currently presumed date, Jiroemon Kimura had a good Sun-Jupiter trine and Moon-Saturn; his successor Misao Okawa has a Moon-Saturn-Uranus trine with a Jupiter sextile and Sun-Saturn.

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Time reaches for a Murderer

Poison for Pablo Neruda?

The actual story was that he died a natural death many years ago -- if this term can even be applied to cancer as a disease. But it is possible that Pablo Neruda, one of the greatest poets of the last century and a person with a repeated emphasis in the zodiac sign of Cancer, may have been the victim of a poisoner back then. He certainly experienced difficult times in the astrological sense: In September of 1973, Saturn went direct and Pluto moved from the square just above his difficult conjunction of Mars-Neptune in the 8th House. Especially due to the involvement of the Pisces Lord, the new murder by poisoning hypothesis is ultimately not as far-fetched as it may sound at first glance – particularly since it comes from the police, more than 40 years after the incident. The investigation has now been reopened with an extreme delay.

A confidante of the poet (his chauffeur and secretary) had long claimed that Augusto Pinochet had the Nobel Prizewinner killed due to his sympathies for the Allende Government and because he could have become a problem after the putsch. What was initially dismissed in the world as classic legend creation cannot be so easily denied when seen in astrological terms. In the horoscope comparison, the dictator places his Pluto on Pablo Neruda's Mars-Neptune and this illustrates his Pluto transits at the time of death far too well for these correlations to be simply construed. In all of his passion and eloquence, the poet was already a type of shadow for the general. His Sun is reflected directly on Neruda's gateway in Cancer: his strength of soul, love of existence and inner homeland, which he painted with words like hardly anyone before and after him.

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Tornados - Chaos and Destruction

While watching yesterday's evening news, I was already delighted that no little red lights were flashing. It seemed like business as usual. Just a few more hours and the square between Uranus and Pluto would be exact for the third time – and nothing happened. Astrologers sometimes truly hope that certain images in the firmament will have no meaning for once.

Then the pictures from Moore, Oklahoma, a small town devastated by a tornado, arrived this morning. The residents say that it appeared too quickly and too suddenly. And sixteen minutes advance warning time was too short, even for the inhabitants of a city in which tornados have become a threat over and over again. Which raises the question: Are there perhaps astrological signatures under certain circumstances within specific timeframes that could at least provide a rough idea of such natural phenomenon? And, if the first meteorological warning signs could actually be observed, would it be possible to lengthen the advance warning times?

This is certainly a daring thesis and I candidly admit that I have hardly thought about this combination up to now. Even if it was quite customary in earlier times to derive medium- and long-term weather forecasts from astrological constellations. But we now live in an age in which even a majority of the astrological community is convinced that there is no causal effective correlation between positions of the planets and "outer" events. Instead, astrology is more or less seen as just a symbolic language of the spirit that solely enables pictorial access to our inner areas of experience.

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Angelina Jolie: When Mars cuts the Moon

The story of someone who set out to simply cut off fate: Angelina Jolie has a Moon-Mars. This conjunction can be radical and even very, very radical when it is in Aries, with Jupiter, in a fire house, and stands close to the Midheaven to make matters worse. During the vehement transits of the Uranus-Pluto square across this constellation, the actress – as just announced – has recently had both breasts amputated. Because, as she says, she carries a "defective" gene that predestines her for breast and ovarian cancer – with a probability of 87 percent. Her Aries cluster is actually opposed by Pluto, which sometimes mixes genetic "imperfections" into a life. The problem: This Pluto cannot be simply cut off, even by sacrificing a woman's breasts.

After all, the Moon-Mars can be many things: highly spontaneous, self-injuring, and aggressive toward one's own feelings, but also rigid when decisions are required. In addition, the Moon-Mars drives out everything that is phony within an individual and others, as well as what lies beneath or covers the surface. And this constellation "smells" every form of Jupiter-Neptune wherever it may be, which it then must unintentionally bring out of the shadows. This is the case because Aries-Cancer reflects Pisces and Sagittarius. Actress Christina Applegate likewise has the Moon-Mars conjunction, but in Pisces; she also had her breasts (Moon) removed (Mars) as a preventive measure. Even though this only occurred when she actually contracted the cancer. Jolie's Mars in Aries is faster and takes more vehement action. She continued to work around the amputation, has become frighteningly thin, and even collapsed during a case of charity stress; but she continues to live her life as if nothing has happened. This may seem absurd from the human perspective, but it is comprehensible in astrological terms. Can such a fate actually be negated?

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Missing for Years - Suddenly back again

When the first report about Brenda Heist appeared at the start of last week, everyone still believed that this was an individual case: a special expression of the Taurus-Scorpio Full Moon that also involved Saturn. A woman suddenly disappears without a trace (Uranus-Neptune) years ago in the USA, then suddenly and mysteriously appears again eleven years later.

But yesterday, at the time of the exact conjunction of the Moon and Uranus, three women were freed from imprisonment that lasted almost as long in Cleveland, Ohio. Amanda Berry and Gina de Jesus (together with Michelle Knight) were – according to the initial reports – kidnapped by three brothers (Editor's Note: after this article was written, it turned out that there was just one perpetrator: Ariel Castro) and imprisoned for almost ten years just barely one kilometer from their parents' homes. Even if the two cases are significantly different from each other, the astrological backgrounds ultimately show an astonishing amount of common factors.

Brenda Heist

Brenda Heist falls completely out of the customary framework for stories about missing persons since she is both a victim and a perpetrator. Born on 4/22/1959, an initial glance shows two special astrological characteristics. On the one hand, there is an opposition between Mars (Cancer) and Saturn (Capricorn); both also have a square with Mercury (Aries). This basic tension can manifest as an inhibition. The person's own drive is related strongly to sensing and feeling, but usually contradicts the requirements of everyday life. And also what "a person should do" and "what is right." This is often experienced as a split in oppositions; then there are usually the demands of the surrounding world, the "authorities," and their requirements that individuals see as the cause of their own failure. In any case, this is true until they recognize that they are ultimately just chafing at their own standards. Then the same principle can be expressed as the ability to responsibly harmonize the individual actions with the necessities and rules of everyday life: Once decisions have been made, they are constantly and reliably put into practice.

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Venus Saturn: The Power of Money

Is there a tycoon aspect?

Marissa Mayer is very rich. And Marissa Mayer is very young. The Gemini woman with retro Mercury has Venus-Saturn in the radix, a branding of stable money. She has not just been considered a czarina of success since it became public that the talented and innovative-hungry computer scientist receives an astronomical annual salary of 36.6 million dollars for her job. Of which the majority is in stock. With the Saturnine signum, manager Mayer splendidly fits a pattern that is significantly shown by nine out of ten of the richest billionaires (top of the current Forbes list) in their horoscopes. On the heliocentric or geocentric level. Such a clustering is very unusual.

Even more clearly than on Jupiter’s team – which is certainly equated with abundance – the super-rich stand on Saturn's shoulders. Marissa Mayer with her very promising conjunction may not yet sit in the sacred halls of the genuine Scrooge Mucks. But the woman, who was just bought over from the Google team by Yahoo last year and is now making headlines with the top remuneration, is already on the best path. It is already assumed that she will be one of the ten tech leaders of the future. But this is no surprise with a proper Mars-Jupiter in Aries. Which she incidentally also has in common with the richest man in the world, Carlos Slim Helu.

That mega initiative also makes mega money is far from obvious. But those who have Venus-Saturn can apparently hope for concretization of their talents. Because Saturn and Venus materialize things. Here are the corresponding links of the top tycoons on the list of the richest with their full treasure chests:

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Skywatch: Astronomy for Astrologers

Fresh newsflashes reach us almost every day from the most remote parts of our universe. But whether HUBBLE, KEPLER, or modern observatories such as ALMA, everything that has virtual eyes looks far back – into the past. Information about "new" galaxies that enthuses today's expert circles is sometimes almost as old as the universe itself.

This also applies to this week's news about HFLS3, a galaxy that is 12.8 billion light years away from us . As a comparison: The center of our Milky Way, Sagittarius A, is just 26,000 light years away. What we now can see of it originated about 880 million years after the assumed Big Bang. So this is a glance at the nursery of our universe and shows how productive and creative galaxies were "back then." Every day up to eight new suns were created there, which means almost 3,000 distributed throughout the Earth year; just 1-2 new stars come into existence in our immediate neighborhood today. Per year.

However, it is not the oldest galaxy ever discovered to date. This title has been earned by UDFj-39546284, an especially lyrical name for a collection of stars. What we can still perceive of it today as a type of echo was created almost 380 million years after the Big Bang. For those who would like to mark such cosmic superlatives in their own chart: UDFj-39546284 is located at approx. 23° Taurus.

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Uranus Aquarium: Fish in Outer Space

Space – infinite expanses. The year is 2013. This is the adventure of the spaceship Bion-M 1 under Mercury-Uranus. It travels with its crew that includes 40 cichlids, ramshorn snails and algae to research the important problems of travel sickness, immune defense, and weightlessness. Many light years away from the Earth, an on-board aquarium advances into galaxies that have never seen a finned being before.

Something like this could be the beginning of a new series called "Fish in Outer Space." What is actually happening with this civilization? The first person in space was the dog Laika (English: Barker - but the yapping quickly turned quiet when she re-entered the Earth's orbit). And now the little swimmers have been called upon to serve as representatives. Incidentally, today is the "Day to Abolish Animal Testing" (previously: World Day for Animals in Laboratories).

The German answer to the Starship Enterprise in the form of Bion has already been circling in the cosmos for a few days. It was launched from the space station Baikonur, during the usability-hungry Virgo ascendant with Mercury in 8, on course to the universal astronaut indicator of Uranus. As a result, the fish (Pisces) are obviously also located on the descendent – which is where everything that can be observed is found. Me AC, you DC. Mission OmegaHab of the Stuttgart and Erlangen universities is not a joke and therefore does not deserve to be treated as public amusement. In one of the six international small satellites, which were sent up with the Soyuz rocket, left for the stellar boonies on Friday at exactly 12 noon (CEST). Sun, Ruler 12 (Pisces equivalent) stood with Mars just before Apex 9, the distant journey. The Scorpio House makes the current issue clear: systems. Like our Franconian aquarium, which now flies through space as the first closed eco-system in the world. Why? Because human beings (see Jupiter Lord IC, the "cause" of the starting radix, in 10), as significant as they are, do not have a sense for constricted horizons. Knowledge creates science: Feel free to watch and see whether the life of the little perches disappears during re-entry into the atmosphere. After all, they would have had it much worse as lab mice...

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