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Retrograde: Beware of Wrong-Way Drivers

So now toasters will explode, PCs will crash one after the other, and the simplest coordination between the head, feet, and hands will get out of control. Because Mercury has been retrograde since yesterday (Monday, 10/21) around 12:28 p.m., suspending all physical laws and moving backward through the zodiac since then. In any case, this is how it seems from our perspective as earthlings. Several thousands of years ago, this must have appeared like a wonder to nighttime observers: God's hint that something was not in order, that his plan was disturbed, and that evil powers were involved in case of doubt.

We now know that everything is fine, that neither Mercury nor the other planets turn on their heels at some point and become cosmic wrong-way drivers. All of this is just an appearance, an illusion that is created from a certain perspective. So does this mean that all of the astrological classifications in this respect are just deceptions?

Yes and no would be the clear answer. If yes, then the solar system still functions properly and Mercury is neither faster nor slower than otherwise but just continues to make its rapid orbits around the sun. But astrologers always work more with the appearance than the cold facts, and even just the geocentric standpoint expresses this. In a reality that is primarily influenced by our perception, it is therefore very legitimate to weigh something that we know only exists as an appearance.

Which brings us back to the exploding toasters. These continue to be subject to the previous laws of nature – unless we would now like to philosophize on the perception of toasters, computers, or injection pumps. Otherwise, if something breaks during Mercury retrograde, this is still generally related to the principle of transience. 

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The Lion Queen: Everything in Nothing

Rescue of the Financial Markets?

People say that she is very, very short and Janet Yellen is supposedly overlooked at first wherever she appears. There must also be tiny Leo-Suns that often compensate for lacking body height through surprising dignity and a confident appearance. Above all, Yellen's notorious, highly intelligent and academic approach to the world – with the force of a probing analytic Mercury-Uranus-Pluto in fire and a strategic stellium in Libra – is currently in demand. Which makes her new task seem logical: 

The Lion Queen in the Country of Nothing, which is internationally called the "money market" and means everything by now. Such as the ascent and demise of many. The Neptunian-Uranian playground where sandcastles are currently collapsing. The male Leo searches for the female Leo and Obama nominates Yellen as the first female head in the history of the US Federal Reserve, which is just 100 years old, due to the threatening national bankruptcy. The petite lady, who is married to Nobel Prizewinner in Economic Sciences George Akerlof, is needed as the rescuer of a situation that has been exhausted to the utmost limit and in which the astrological Pluto-Saturn reception is in a clinch with Aries-Uranus.

With Neptune on Libra-Venus-Mars, she is actually mentally made for giving the seriously shaken Federal Reserve System – which vacillates between air bubbles and earthly demands – a theoretic happy ending at the least. At the same time, the difficult story of virtual money in America (and also globally due to interconnections) began with precisely this Fed back when it took control in America. This occurred in 1913, under the Capricorn-Sun opposition Pluto and an almost unaspected Uranus (square to the Moon is still under suspicion) as the riotous subtenant of the absurd in the eternal search for the stability of values. In its cosmos, money is just an expression: the symbol for safeguarding.

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The White Widow and the GC

This woman is a phantom. The White Widow – mother, strategist, and suspected terrorist – has the type of horoscope that we do not see every day. Even if we just know the noon positions. Five Sagittarius factors, three of which are very close to the Galactic Center of all places. After the bloodbath at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, which also began with the ascendant (time: "about noon") on the GC, a vehement search for Samantha Lewthwaite is underway by Interpol per Red Notice. The almost 30-year-old (with a concentration of all ten classic natal chart factors between Libra and Capricorn) is now the most wanted woman in the world. She is described as dangerous, possibly a bomb-builder, and suspected of terrorism. 

People with many natal chart positions close to the Milky Way system's center of mass often have a considerable pull on the surrounding world. They radiate and attract, and the result frequently results in unusual turns in life. They can be grandiose or extremely destructive. Lewthwaite's nickname of White Widow is not just a blueprint of the Chechen suicide-assassins called the Black Widows. It also refers to the astrological proximity of the Scorpionic (Scorpio-Pluto sextile to Mercury in the birth picture), the Western origin, and the fact that Lewthwaite has two children with the assassin Germaine Lindsay. He died in 2005 during the underground attacks in London. Appropriate to her galactic positions, his Sun is located just before the Super Galactic Center at 2 Libra.

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Amon, the Girl, and Courage

There are stories that are so eerie, oppressive, and courageous that they turn life and its otherwise so certain causal standards upside down. From the astrological perspective, the old "destiny planets" usually play a leading role here. On a warm August day in 2008, Chiron mundane is in conjunction with the Moon's North Node. An aspect of the most intense injury and healing. Together with Neptune, the two form a square to the Taurus birth-Saturn (and the Moon) of a 38-year-old woman who stands in a Hamburg library and leafs through a book. From one minute to the next, she suddenly loses her old life and finds a completely new identity. Her transit constellation also means: inconsolability. 

The woman is very tall, beautiful, has a Cancer-Sun, and is currently experiencing the serious Pluto opposition over her Gemini-Mercury, which already brings a square to her birth-Pluto with it. This means fixated, probing thinking that encircles and senses in a detective-like manner. With her dark skin color, she had also been hurtfully called a half-breed person in earlier times. Her name is Jennifer and she is searching for something that could help her to understand her years of depression.


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The Woman Who Lived in Pain

The Broken Myth of Alice Miller: 

We could have anticipated it in astrological terms. Even if just as little is known about her birth time as almost everything else in her biography. And not because the psychologist would have wanted to turn herself into the myth that she then became. But due to her suppression of what was her own. She was a woman with an earthly-earthy Capricorn-Sun, a pragmatist who was aloof, highly intelligent, deep and imaginative with this very difficult Scorpio-Moon that always had to exploit the depths and, above all, the crashes of the emotional down to the primal ground, where there is emptiness. Where either the ascent begins anew or death results.

With Jupiter at this sensitive, tormented predetermined breaking point between intensity, own power, and trauma. Scorpio. A catalyst that over-expands both possible poles of the Plutonian in life as the voice of all traumatized children until the endlessly possessive sensation turns in a giant, controlling cage of feelings and suppresses everything that is real. In addition to Lilith-Chiron in Aries square Pluto in Cancer. The crazy wound of the Black Eve in the battle with the abyss in her baggage. Her war trauma caused Miller to dissociate.

The woman, the daughter who always lived in pain – without any witnesses because she did not allow them in her Saturnian clarity and boundaries to the Sun and the controlling Moon. Until she gave birth to her son, who turned this myth into a mother and confronted her with her deficits alone through his existence as a baby, in 1950. Power and helplessness; narcissistic slight when the infant does not want to drink from her breast – from the dark worlds of her own Pluto, the Moon. This watches hermetically over the Scorpio-Moon when things get bad. A boy who must live with all of the shadows of her shadows throughout his entire life. Who can only uplift them when Alice Miller, the mother, uplifts them. But she does not do this. Who pulls the invisible iceberg beneath them from the darkness in which Alice Miller lives decades later – a part of the human being, the vulnerable woman, with all of her burdens. Jupiter places a luster and perspective over everything that pushes him from behind, from the unconscious corner of Sagittarius, its 12th house, the Scorpio. Whatever remains blind chokes when it is not voluntarily opened.

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Voyager - Beyond the Magic Boundary

Almost unnoticed by the world's hubbub on our blue planet, a truly historical event has occurred: Presumably on August 25 of last year, an object created by human beings left the inner circle of our solar system, the heliosphere, for the first time. Voyager 1 is now in interstellar space, where the solar wind is at most a balmy breeze. This is reason enough to also examine this journey astrologically because something like this definitely raises questions related to the model of astrology. And as strange as it sounds, the Voyager project may also offer a few new insights here.

The first question – "Can the astrological model even be transferred to a soulless machine?" – is quickly answered. No. If we had data on the point in time that the Voyager probe was "switched on" for the first time, this would express something about its functionality (for example, when certain systems are endangered, how they work together under certain conditions, etc.). But since this point in time is unknown, there is just one other astrological approach. We take the travel data as the starting point.

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They Loved and They Hit Each Other

Toolkit for couple´s astrology:

"We are a lovable, charming, decadent, hopeless couple." 
(Burton about Burton-Taylor)

Couple's astrology – how does that actually work? Today's Astrolab provides a little guide to the perception of a relationship - as an astrological analysis emergency kit, not just for serious cases: 

They were heaven and hell and vice versa. Who was actually just acting a role instead of being it was never really clear in the end. After all, Taylor and Burton were both very striking, narcissistic, and dominant. That Cleopatra turned Marcus Antonius into a supplicant in the film also was reflected in the life of the actors. Sometimes for her, sometimes for him. Everyone gets the flick that they deserve. This is why the loving lovers and fighters (married to each other twice, then twice divorced) serve as such a good example to explain the workings of what are actually the most important methods of couple's astrology. The toolkit of couple's astrology actually just needs three tools to start; however, they must be learned, mastered, and translated in a step-by-step manner to achieve a somewhat correct picture of the relationship. 

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Venus in a Fever: The Wave of Separations

It is intense this time: All of them are suddenly doing it. Relationships are apparently falling apart more easily than ever right now, and the reason for this can be wonderfully seen from the astrological perspective: When Venus transits through its sign of Libra (which represents the public sphere, relationship, gossip, and celebrity, among other things) there is also always abundant news in view of the eye-catching couple stories of the celebrities. But during this year, when Venus – traditionally described as such a harmonious indicator of encounters (a major misunderstanding since Venus can be crystal clear and hard as steel!) – breaks into the cardinal square of Uranus and Pluto and virtually provokes it at the moment, the primary motto is: separation.

There is a new report on this topic every day. Venus in the spiritual start-up sign gives a powerful push to initiatives and such bulletins. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas (born on the same day) are momentarily leading the charts, accompanied by Western Sheriff Eastwood and Dina Ruiz, and Google luminary Sergey Brin and his long-time love Anne Wojcicki are making headlines with the end of their relationships. After 14 years of marriage, Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassell have also proclaimed: This is it! Quite a bit is suddenly washing up. All of this is very easily visible and understandable from the astrological perspective.

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Fukushima: There's a Hole in the Bucket

And the bucket in this case is the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, a radiating time bomb that now is causing frightening headlines punctually at the precise square of Jupiter and Uranus. According to the most recent explanations by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, up to 300 tons of radioactive contaminated groundwater run into the ocean every day. And now there are even more leaks, so the radiation exposure is getting higher and higher. We have already described the background in two articles (Japan: Attempt at an Analysis and Fukushima and No End ). Now the question arises as to how long this systematic contamination will continue.

We can say this right at the start: A quick improvement is not in sight. All of the reactor blocks have relatively reliable data that shows a basic tendency. Fukushima remains in the crosshairs of Uranus and Pluto.

Daiichi I

The beginning of construction for the first reactor block started on July 25, 1967 (no time available). Even the first glance shows a classic disposition to accidents; Mars (2° Scorpio) stands in the square to Leo-Sun. Pluto and Uranus (both signifiers for nuclear power) stand in conjunction with each other. With the corresponding time, the Pisces-Moon could also be in a wide opposition to it.

For the further course, the positions of Saturn and Mercury – which stand in the square to each other – are important. On the old familiar degrees of 12 Aries or 13 Cancer. In addition to the tendency to have accidents as a basic Sun theme, disfunctionality is also indicated here; in this case, it is the connecting parts (Mercury). It may also be an expression of the operators no longer understanding their own reactor and not having any idea of how they should solve the problems.

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