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Voyager - Beyond the Magic Boundary

Almost unnoticed by the world's hubbub on our blue planet, a truly historical event has occurred: Presumably on August 25 of last year, an object created by human beings left the inner circle of our solar system, the heliosphere, for the first time. Voyager 1 is now in interstellar space, where the solar wind is at most a balmy breeze. This is reason enough to also examine this journey astrologically because something like this definitely raises questions related to the model of astrology. And as strange as it sounds, the Voyager project may also offer a few new insights here.

The first question – "Can the astrological model even be transferred to a soulless machine?" – is quickly answered. No. If we had data on the point in time that the Voyager probe was "switched on" for the first time, this would express something about its functionality (for example, when certain systems are endangered, how they work together under certain conditions, etc.). But since this point in time is unknown, there is just one other astrological approach. We take the travel data as the starting point.

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They Loved and They Hit Each Other

Toolkit for couple´s astrology:

"We are a lovable, charming, decadent, hopeless couple." 
(Burton about Burton-Taylor)

Couple's astrology – how does that actually work? Today's Astrolab provides a little guide to the perception of a relationship - as an astrological analysis emergency kit, not just for serious cases: 

They were heaven and hell and vice versa. Who was actually just acting a role instead of being it was never really clear in the end. After all, Taylor and Burton were both very striking, narcissistic, and dominant. That Cleopatra turned Marcus Antonius into a supplicant in the film also was reflected in the life of the actors. Sometimes for her, sometimes for him. Everyone gets the flick that they deserve. This is why the loving lovers and fighters (married to each other twice, then twice divorced) serve as such a good example to explain the workings of what are actually the most important methods of couple's astrology. The toolkit of couple's astrology actually just needs three tools to start; however, they must be learned, mastered, and translated in a step-by-step manner to achieve a somewhat correct picture of the relationship. 

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Venus in a Fever: The Wave of Separations

It is intense this time: All of them are suddenly doing it. Relationships are apparently falling apart more easily than ever right now, and the reason for this can be wonderfully seen from the astrological perspective: When Venus transits through its sign of Libra (which represents the public sphere, relationship, gossip, and celebrity, among other things) there is also always abundant news in view of the eye-catching couple stories of the celebrities. But during this year, when Venus – traditionally described as such a harmonious indicator of encounters (a major misunderstanding since Venus can be crystal clear and hard as steel!) – breaks into the cardinal square of Uranus and Pluto and virtually provokes it at the moment, the primary motto is: separation.

There is a new report on this topic every day. Venus in the spiritual start-up sign gives a powerful push to initiatives and such bulletins. Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas (born on the same day) are momentarily leading the charts, accompanied by Western Sheriff Eastwood and Dina Ruiz, and Google luminary Sergey Brin and his long-time love Anne Wojcicki are making headlines with the end of their relationships. After 14 years of marriage, Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassell have also proclaimed: This is it! Quite a bit is suddenly washing up. All of this is very easily visible and understandable from the astrological perspective.

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Fukushima: There's a Hole in the Bucket

And the bucket in this case is the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan, a radiating time bomb that now is causing frightening headlines punctually at the precise square of Jupiter and Uranus. According to the most recent explanations by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment, up to 300 tons of radioactive contaminated groundwater run into the ocean every day. And now there are even more leaks, so the radiation exposure is getting higher and higher. We have already described the background in two articles (Japan: Attempt at an Analysis and Fukushima and No End ). Now the question arises as to how long this systematic contamination will continue.

We can say this right at the start: A quick improvement is not in sight. All of the reactor blocks have relatively reliable data that shows a basic tendency. Fukushima remains in the crosshairs of Uranus and Pluto.

Daiichi I

The beginning of construction for the first reactor block started on July 25, 1967 (no time available). Even the first glance shows a classic disposition to accidents; Mars (2° Scorpio) stands in the square to Leo-Sun. Pluto and Uranus (both signifiers for nuclear power) stand in conjunction with each other. With the corresponding time, the Pisces-Moon could also be in a wide opposition to it.

For the further course, the positions of Saturn and Mercury – which stand in the square to each other – are important. On the old familiar degrees of 12 Aries or 13 Cancer. In addition to the tendency to have accidents as a basic Sun theme, disfunctionality is also indicated here; in this case, it is the connecting parts (Mercury). It may also be an expression of the operators no longer understanding their own reactor and not having any idea of how they should solve the problems.

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Pluto Posthumous: Lady Di and the Accident

Myths and fairytales arise when idols die. Now that the legend Lady Diana posthumously has a Pluto opposition Sun, another story has been added. On 31 August 1997 – almost exactly one year after her divorce from Prince Charles (who has Uranus as Lord 7 on Aquarius DC precisely at the accident degree) – a Mercedes drives into a Paris tunnel after midnight. Possibly blinded by flashes from the paparazzi, the driver loses control of the car at 12:23 a.m. This happens as the IC on the Seine moves over the mundane Leo-Moon and the MC is close to the Aquarius-Jupiter. What an image. The woman on the back seat, who dies a few hours after the car collides with a pillar, has a Cancer-Sun with Sagittarius-AC – of all things – as the mundane signum. The accident goes around the world, also because Diana Spencer –- who would only live for 36 years – was the mother of the future King of England. Up to this day, public mistrust has never completely ceased. Suddenly the black sheep who had shaken up the Royals until the crown wobbled was now dead. A letter (FOCUS) that was coincidentally found during another case has now renewed the old rumors.

A soldier supposedly boasted in it that the special military unit SAS (Special Air Service, which is under the control of the British Secret Service) is responsible for the death of Lady Di. The authorities have allegedly known about its contents since 2011, but Scotland Yard is only now examining its "credibility" – even if it absolutely does not want to reopen the investigation. The North Node, Saturn, and Jupiter are currently triggering precisely the accident-Mars in Scorpio, Ruler of the 12th house of the drama, which means what is concealed and not yet exposed to the light. Everything is infinitely reflexive.

In the astrological sense, the time is quite appropriate since the dead often come back into the public's consciousness when their radix is touched by important transits. After all, the person's horoscope does not die with him or her. For Lady Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales, Uranus and Pluto are in a vehement tension with the Sun at this moment. First memories of her rise to the surface through the birth of her grandson George, and then the freshly fed suspicion that it was not an accident after all back then – as her lover’s father has speculated for years. What can be done astrologically to bring more light into such cases? Not much if there are no precise birth times for the parties that may possibly be involved. Yet, a comparison with the time of the event is still possible.

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The Quadrature of The Moment

These days we wistfully remember the Grand Trine and are now rather cautiously welcoming the emergence of a Grand Cross. After all, we could only complain about the constant back and forth of Uranus and Pluto up to now; although many ills that we actually did not want to see were visible, resignation usually quickly spreads once again following a brief outcry and general indignation. But this back and forth, this wavering and hesitating, could only have been the calm before the storm.

Because Jupiter – the biggest chunk in the planetary choir and lord of the last fire sign – is coming into play. It opposes Pluto and therefore also the old structures and realities of the Capricorn archetype. Things will become fierier: Fire and water produce steam and therefore pressure in the closed cauldron of systems and concepts. And at some point, this pressure must find an expression or outlet. As so often is the case, there are at least two possibilities for this to occur.

The first is that things stay as they are. Global terror warnings are obviously already circulating and this is not completely wrong from the astrological perspective. The last oppositions between Jupiter and Pluto occurred on 26/05/2001, some months before the attack on the World Trade Center in 2001; on 11 September, Jupiter was not far from its current position in Cancer. In the review of this aspect, crises and upheavals were not individual cases as the two of them opposed each other in the years 1962 and 1963 (on the axis of Virgo – Pisces at that time); the Cuba Crisis developed into the biggest threat since the Second World War. And 1988, under the opposition in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio, was the beginning collapse of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union; a short time later, the walls of the divided Germany also fell.

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Start and End: The Zeroth Degrees

There is a very strange, special energy that connects people through this unusual charismatic position in the horoscope: Zero degrees (as well as the last degrees of a sign) represent circles that complete themselves. Like countless British kings, queens and successors to the throne before him, even the newly born little Prince George Alexander Louis of England has them once again. The oldest progenitor of this line is Sophia and she brought the 0-degree position to the center of the cosmic column. Since the important 1701 Act of Settlement, which established a new regulation for the Kingdom's throne succession, the Stuarts were replaced by the Welfs with this woman from the Palatinate. Lilith – of all influences – was in her Aries on the zero point of the Zodiac. With the "Black Eve," she contributed the emphasized position and extraordinary power of the first and last degrees into the genealogy of the new island rulers. These special classes are cosmic firecrackers. The closer to the 0 or 30 degrees, the more effective they are. This is because they create the climate of an infinite ring in every birth picture: The beginning meets the end. The past, the present, and whatever is incomplete meets the desire for perfection.

The sign’s respective quality in its purest form is linked here with the wisdom of the factors that are actually ready for the next topic far very early in a phase. Yet, they still stick to the indicated, almost completely experienced contents of the respective Zodiac stage. Seen in this light, the last degrees of the Mohicans do not have an easy time of undoing the bond with tradition, even though – with additional zero-degrees-positions – they are hungry for what is new and can also implement it. After all, the 0 itself is nothingness and the eternal circle; it seeks connection and repetition but also progress to completely new shores. As a cosmic mantra, it describes what endures eternally and is then retained transcendentally as an archetype of the substance from which the world of things is made. The British Royals very clearly show the dominance of these degrees in their astrological legacy. Here is the list of successors to the throne since the 1701 Act of Settlement:

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Welcome, Little King!

You made it! Even though it was not completely 0 degrees Leo, we were sailing close to the wind in respect to the full moon: Loop! was exactly one-and-a-half arc minutes wide of the mark with the astrological hopes for the king's birth. The new little prince of the United Kingdom was already secretly, silently, and quietly born into the world around 4:24 p.m. (London time) and therefore barely still has a Cancer Sun in the truly very last fractions of an inch: 29.58.44 degrees, with the ascendant Scorpio in the auspicious 27th degree and Venus at the royal star of Regulus, plus a strong Uranus connection through the AC and MC Lord in the nearby square to the cosmic rebels.

So Kate and William are now finally parents. The Duchess "worked" (women in England have "labor" instead of contractions) – according to the initial mental math – for about ten hours. More than four hours after the birth, she was feeling fine again, even though the day that she became a "mommy" was the hottest of the year. With this considerable delay, the public was then informed while the astrological world already expected that it was halfway in the realm of the Leo kings. The Queen’s – unusually delighted for British understatement – then stoked the rejoicing in front of the palace.

"We could not be happier," is the message that the youngest father of the royal family, Duke Wills, who was once also called "Wombat" by his parents, in his first statement through a palace speaker. But how does the natal chart of the even much younger successor to the throne? It is a powerscope with the Sun and some other factors in 8, the Moon in Capricorn – so it is close to a full moon—image. Yet, the royal zeroth degree, the royal's challenge cup, is still part of the radix: Venus is namely located at 0 degrees Virgo in House 9. What does all of this mean for the Empire? Court reporter Ms. Wetterer will soon have the astrology of the new prince analyzed extensively. Until then, we will rejoice with the island – which is now emotionally completely beside itself (also a typical Mars-Cancer phenomenon, close to Jupiter) – and wish Mum, Dad, and Baby Cambridge all the very best and above all, that they finally get some quiet from the absolutely disinhibited public. May he grow and thrive and bring a bit less monarchist dogma and more emotional empathy to the world with his water trine. The boy has the makings for this – double water – if the witnesses of the birth took a proper look at the clock. Which can be expected from a national event of this magnitude (even if the information on physical height information is still unknown at this point).

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Egypt - End of the Spring?

When the cradles of our civilization – Iraq, Syria, and Egypt – are dominated by turmoil and war, this has more than just a political significance. This is also where the spirit of our age, symbolized by the square between Uranus and Pluto, is expressed. It is an indication that more is involved than the introduction of democracy to the Arabian countries. Instead, this is about a general reorientation in a world that is increasingly losing its boundaries, in which everything is linked with everything else, and every change on the small scale has direct consequences for the whole.

So the events in Egypt are rightfully receiving the appropriate attention. Whatever happens there in the coming months can lead the way for many other developments. And if we look at the astrological background within this context as a type of mirror for the spirit of our times, it is perhaps helpful to once again visualize the basics of the above-mentioned square.

Uranus and Pluto symbolize the two archetypical streams of consciousness that have a less direct influence on the individual. They are obviously also reflected in the everyday experience of each person and can consequently be transformed and co-created – at least indirectly. But above all, both are manifested in the movement of large masses where many individuals come together and mutually create something that is more than just the sum of its parts. At the least, this is a dynamic that no one can escape in the long run.


The Uranian principle has many facets. Uranus' discovery occurred together with America's independence and the beginnings of the French Revolution. In both cases, this involved overcoming a political system in which individuals had the power to ignore the wishes and needs of the many. The monarchy as an institution was ultimately replaced by a system in which "the people" became the sovereign. In any case, this was and remains the objective.

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