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Start and End: The Zeroth Degrees

There is a very strange, special energy that connects people through this unusual charismatic position in the horoscope: Zero degrees (as well as the last degrees of a sign) represent circles that complete themselves. Like countless British kings, queens and successors to the throne before him, even the newly born little Prince George Alexander Louis of England has them once again. The oldest progenitor of this line is Sophia and she brought the 0-degree position to the center of the cosmic column. Since the important 1701 Act of Settlement, which established a new regulation for the Kingdom's throne succession, the Stuarts were replaced by the Welfs with this woman from the Palatinate. Lilith – of all influences – was in her Aries on the zero point of the Zodiac. With the "Black Eve," she contributed the emphasized position and extraordinary power of the first and last degrees into the genealogy of the new island rulers. These special classes are cosmic firecrackers. The closer to the 0 or 30 degrees, the more effective they are. This is because they create the climate of an infinite ring in every birth picture: The beginning meets the end. The past, the present, and whatever is incomplete meets the desire for perfection.

The sign’s respective quality in its purest form is linked here with the wisdom of the factors that are actually ready for the next topic far very early in a phase. Yet, they still stick to the indicated, almost completely experienced contents of the respective Zodiac stage. Seen in this light, the last degrees of the Mohicans do not have an easy time of undoing the bond with tradition, even though – with additional zero-degrees-positions – they are hungry for what is new and can also implement it. After all, the 0 itself is nothingness and the eternal circle; it seeks connection and repetition but also progress to completely new shores. As a cosmic mantra, it describes what endures eternally and is then retained transcendentally as an archetype of the substance from which the world of things is made. The British Royals very clearly show the dominance of these degrees in their astrological legacy. Here is the list of successors to the throne since the 1701 Act of Settlement:


•             Sophia of Hanover: Lilith 0 Aries

•             George I: Venus 0 Leo (no birth time, but it changes around 2 a.m.) Uranus 29.32 Capricorn

•             George II: Chiron 0 Taurus (Noon-Moon 0 Leo), Uranus 29.5 Aries (Helio 0 Taurus), Lilith 29.5 Pisces

•             George III: Ac 0 Leo, Venus 29 Gemini, Lilith 29 Taurus

•             George IV: Nessus 29.51 Capricorn (Helio 0 Aquarius), Pluto 29.17 Sagittarius (Helio 0 Capricorn)

•             William IV:  Neptune 0 Virgo

•             Queen Victoria: (Nessus Helio 0 Taurus), Saturn-Chiron-Pluto 28 Pisces, Neptune 28 Sagittarius

•             Edward VII: Saturn 0 Capricorn, Moon 29.26 Virgo

•             George V: MC 0 Capricorn, Uranus 28 Gemini

•             Edward VIII: Mars 0 Aries, Pholus 0 Taurus

•             George VI: Pars Fortuna 0 Libra, (Jupiter Helio 0 Leo)

•             Elizabeth II: Sun 0 Taurus, Uranus 27.5 Pisces, Chiron 28 Aries

•             Prince Charles: Moon 0 Taurus Jupiter 29. 53 Sagittarius, Uranus 29.55 Capricorn

•             Prince William: Sun 0 Cancer, Jupiter 0 Scorpio, Lilith 0 Capricorn, Nessus 28.05 cancer

•             Prince George: Venus 0 Virgo, (Mercury Helio 0 Pisces), Sun 29.58.44 Cancer, Moon 28.17.10 Capricorn

In their own way, the new Windsors – which were previously named the Sachsen-Coburg-Gothas and Hannovers – were actually always freaks. Especially when they had the monarchy celebrated. Their peculiarities, which are customary and well-known among the commoners, very clear bore down on them and were observed as if through a magnifying glass. Their horoscopes reveal this almost unbroken line of the "zeroth degrees" in a geocentric sense that becomes absolutely uninterrupted by adding the heliocentric view. This speaks for a very special handing down of the "hot potatoes" (meaning systemic dominance) that are passed on in the family. Perhaps the mission of the zero degrees can also be described like this: Be someone! In the way described by the sign and house that I am in. They correspond with the 1st House, Mars, and the sign Aries, as well as their contents. On the other hand, as a Pisces analogy, the last degrees – especially the 29th – stand for the attitude of: “Let go of everything! Wherever I show it to you.” Perhaps much more strongly than in all of the other European monarchies, both of these attitudes can be found in the Windsors due to their insistence on importance and distance to what is personal.

It is especially interesting that there was a sudden break in the genealogy after the four first zero-degree bearers in the form of the fourth George. Far and wide no zero-degrees geocentric in his chart; but from the Sun perspective, Nessus – the cosmic stranger (also a symbol for the lack of the right pedigree and defense of tradition in a system) of all influences – stands at 0 degrees Aquarius. This is also joined by Pluto on 0 degree Capricorn. The heliocentric position is known to always describe an especially superordinate significance for earthly systems. And this was also the case with George: With his Uranian AC, this king became a double-exception manifestation. An absolute rebel against all of the obligations handed down to him, in addition to being a womanizer, squanderer and idler. He loved his autonomy and personal power so much that the royal habits left him completely cold; his father, the king, already suspected the coming bankruptcy of the Empire. However, the boy had to replace him prematurely as the prince regent because dad apparently suffered from the hereditary metabolism disease porphyria; he was strange at first and then turned really "crazy" in the sense of mental derangement. Which was a hard blow for the comfortable Leo Sun of the son. He actually also brought the first break with the direct line since he had no male successors to the throne when he died.

Sailor Bill Spit on the Throne

So his brother William, called Sailor Bill, was pushed onto the throne. His radix once again shows a 0 degrees position geocentric – above Neptune in Virgo. A position that apparently had an infinitely "cathartic" effect on good manners. The involuntary king was said to be truly "brusque to the point of impoliteness and informal to the point of vulgarity" (WIKIPEDIA) and especially liked to spit in public. In turn, he also did not produce any legitimate sons, but a number of illegitimate offspring. So the kingdom searched again for the next-oldest heir of the deranged George III in order not to break the line. This was a woman: Victoria, the daughter of a fourth son who had been ineffective up to now. For this great queen (born at the new moon in Gemini), who is both the great-great-grandmother of the current queen and Prince Philip, the factor that can show strangeness in the system signs was repeated. As a quite a tradition-breaker (once again), she was also extremely young when she assumed the office as the first woman of the line since the Act of Settlement. She once again has 0 degrees heliocentric, but with Nessus in Taurus this time. As of her reign, the names of the incumbent kings have been changed per marriage. Albert von Saxony-Coburg and Gotha brought the change, which is also a Nessus topic.

With her great-great-grandchild, the second reigning woman after the girl Victoria – who became queen at the age of 18 – namely, the current Queen Elizabeth, Victoria's 0-Taurus position also logically rises much, much later from the underground as a result. But not above Nessus this time; instead, a Sun that conforms very much to the system is above Victoria's 0-Taurus degree. The genealogy visibly rearranges itself, whereupon the zero-degrees geocentric follows without a gap to this day. But a heliocentric position also is added by the important king who once again enters from the second row in the succession to the throne: It is Queen Elizabeth's father, the shy and heavy-smoking "Bertie" who always stood in the shadow of the high-spirited big brother. It only dawned upon him during David's Wallis Simpson affair that he would unfortunately soon be forced to wear the crown.    

This zero-degrees poker had once begun with a queen who was not one. Through Sophia of Hanover from the Palatinate with her Lilith on 0 degrees Aries, exactly at the spring point, this special genealogy of all 15 queens, kings and successors to the throne of Great Britain developed since the rulership of the Stuarts was passed on to the Welfs and the House of Hanover many hundreds of years ago. For Sophia, Libra Sun with high Scorpio proportions (her radix on the right, without the time) – which were also easily inherited down to the little Prince George of Cambridge – the old rules applying to the successors to the throne had to be changed. Because she had the politically appropriate sons who belonged to the "right" church. This is the only reason that she became the matriarch of the more recent British monarchy. Only her direct heirs have been allowed to reign as rulers of the island up to this day; but only if they remain virtuously Protestant and in no case marry into another belief.

With a curious sense of consequence, the last degrees of the signs starting at 27.5 have also asserted themselves in her children and the children's children of the first George, who was still born in Hanover. As an analogy to what is "incomplete" in music, something is always missing here to the point of perfection; the staff must be passed on and perfected. For the time being, the last bearer is the two-day-old Sun of the most recent successor to the throne; in turn, this is at the very last fraction of an inch in the sign of Cancer, with Venus on the royal star of Regulus on 0 degrees Virgo. Sophia of Hanover has a similar position as the newborn's Saturn (just one degree orb) in Scorpio. In contrast to the little Prince George, she came into the world as a rather overlooked, modest daughter of the "Winter King" of Bohemia and Elisabeth Stuart in 1630. She was the 12th offspring of a Virgo-Sun father, the Electoral Prince Friedrich, which is why she did not play any role for the future of the world at that time. No one anticipated back then that precisely this Sophia should one day be the mother of all British Royals. But then she successfully married into the money and power nobility. A forced marriage was planned – but please not with a woman who has Lilith at 0 Aries in her birth picture! The woman from the Palatinate meets the brother of the Welfs for whom she had actually been intended.

This early Ernst August was a profound, passionate Scorpio with a Cancer-Mars, and she later has seven strong sons with him. After the last Stuart queens in England are childless and panic prevails that the Catholics could once again take over the island, the succession to the throne was changed with a great deal of ballyhoo. With the Act of Settlement, Sophia's oldest – Georg Ludwig, who was a grandson of a Stuart through his mother – became the first Welf king of the island kingdom. With his 0 Leo-Venus and Uranus in the last Capricorn throes (regency), the new dynasty arises. He was crowned at Mercury on 0 degrees Scorpio. Through three further generations of sons, the 0 degrees remained at the axis Leo-Aquarius in the horoscopes of the kings. Governing and revolting. Until a 0-degree Virgo-Neptune enters that resolves much in the form of the above-mentioned Sailor Bill William. But he is followed by three stable "zeros" in Earth. Starting with the ruling queen, the 0 degrees in royal radix pictures are found exclusively in earth and water signs. This involves just the maintenance and cultivation of the monarchy. Up until the last offspring for the time being, the freshly named Prince George of Cambridge.

Windsor Baptism at Mercury 0 Leo

This also clarifies the relationship of the current ruling Welfs, the former Kings of Hanover, with the English Royals. The current main Hanoverian Ernst-August (called the "Punching Prince") is still a royal Prince of Great Britain and Ireland, but was excluded from the succession to the throne due to the strict demands of the Act of Settlementwhen he married the Catholic Caroline of Monaco. Despite this, he is the second-oldest living man who descended in the direct male line of George III, the first of the Hanover kings to be born in England at that time. Such machismo issues are apparently very important in the lexicons and conventional circles. Due to the Mars-Moon in Sagittarius, the Welf makes a very quick-tempered impression. Ever since some relationship calamities, he no longer even makes appearances with his wife Caroline of Monaco. He also has the inherited 0 degrees heliocentric -- with Mars on 0 degrees Scorpio. Such an outlier occasionally actually occurs in the non-ruling lineage but just rarely. The zeros tend to appear as signifying factors of the real British successors to the throne.

If the starting degrees – and especially those at the absolute beginning of the sign – actually stand for a very pure, impulsive expression of qualities (the first 2.5 degrees in every phase in turn have Aries as an overtone in a division into 12) that are realized by the horoscope’s owner, this is obviously expressed in a very clear way in the case of monarchs. To be the first among equals: This is their formal role. If this is joined – as for the Royals – by frequent end degrees, this issue is passing on the "trophy" of significance that is directly connected to the tasks and insights of the predecessor. The Welfs or Hanoverians on England's throne initially became the Sachsen-Coburg-Gothas with Queen Victoria's marriage and then –- on 17/7/1917 – were newly christened once again.

The English kings ultimately needed to have an English name. Mercury stood exactly at 0 Leo and Chiron at 29.50 Pisces when the new label for the lords and ladies of the island was invented. Their name was now: Windsor. In the younger generation, an enfant terrible once again took a giant leap through this illustrious circle: Edward VIII (called David), also the Emperor of India, was a genuine rogue, big-game hunter, and womanizer with his cosmic-absoluteness Mars at 0 degrees Aries of all things (Sophia of Hanover's Lilith position raises a finger once again). He partied with Dennis Finch-Hatton and Baroness Blixen (Out of Africa). His father therefore also feared at a very early time that David would ruin the monarchy, which he almost succeeding at doing. The situation was similar as with the fourth George, the outlier with the same Aquarius-AC and the heliocentric "zeros." However, this new wayward son abdicated at the last moment when he got involved with love and the fast-living Wallis Simpson. Abdicate? This is actually a no-go in the Empire. His brother "Bertie," George VI, was also quite unexpectedly haunted by the dubious "good fortune" of having to become the king despite the lack of sufficient education on reigning. His corresponding zero degrees sit at Pars Fortuna and the Helio Jupiter (once again, this is a lateral entry into the line).

Even though he tended to be the aristocratic hemophiliac on the basis of his disposition, weakly and ambivalent about asserting himself, he was pushed onto the throne without any preparation when the wild David wanted to live out his love with the divorced American in a full and complete way. Bertie immediately developed unexpected standing and led England through the Second World War. But he ruined his health. Like many of the Windsors, he was a chain-smoker and died of lung cancer, whereby Elizabeth was handed the scepter and the Earth-zero degrees received the responsibility.

Moon 0 Taurus – He Who Speaks with the Cows

Like no other, the Queen – with her Taurus-Sun at the zeroth degree – is actually considered to be a living monument of earthly convention. She is extremely stubborn, has never complained, has a penchant for fashionable hats, and supposedly hardly ever got out of the bed that she shared with the haggard, droll Philip Mountbatten in her younger days because she so much delighted in the joys of married life (she was not yet the queen at this time). From the moment that she assumed office, the attempt to give England stability and cultivate the dogma of the clan became more substantial (Taurus) for her than such comforts. Her son Charles imitates many things about her in every respect (at the least he does not whine) with his Moon at 0 Taurus. It is just that he (the Moon!) has a much livelier and closer contact to agriculture, the surrounding world and flowers on the emotional level instead of symbolizing the virtues of Earth's bare-knuckle sense of consistency with the Sun setting. If he were not the chronically waiting successor to the throne, he would probably live the life of a farmer. He Who Speaks with the Cows.

The next man, William, the young father with a 0-degree Sun in Cancer, has enjoyed much more popularity with the people than any of the others and brings with him the dominant "female" connection, as well as some aspects of the softie categories into the family. He was long the spitting image of Lady Di (also a Cancer) and has inherited her melancholy and fluctuating disposition. He is a genuine New Moon boy who brings more feeling into the standoffish and sometimes peculiar tradition of the Windsors. At the same time, he has had to confront existential experiences and unroyal trauma (such as his parent's public marital crises, their divorce, and his mother's early death) with the 0 degree Scorpio, occupied by Jupiter. But this has brought him the highest degrees of sympathy (Jupiter always lands on its feet!).

His and Kate's little Prince George – a name of his ancestors that has strong connotations – will show in the next few years how precisely Venus reveals itself at 0 degrees Virgo (legacy of William IV's Neptune on the same degree – as a reminder, this was the uncouth, spitting Sailor Bill) for the British Royals. In any case, George already protested quite adamantly when he was forced to face the pack of photographers. But when the additional, immensely strong cast of the very last degrees actually add a portion of wisdom from the Neptunian levels of the Zodiac theme (the last 2.5 degrees in every signs are influenced according to the 1/12th division of Pisces), the youngest of the Windsors will at the least take the cake. Because his ancestors have placed something in the golden cradle that distinguishes all of them in a certain sense: resilience. The power to deal with changes, no matter how vehement they may be, because the individual can classify them within the larger contexts instead of just pure self-referentiality. This is especially unfashionable in this world and perhaps particularly necessary – above all, if the monarchy is to ultimately be something more than just a cardboard character. We will see. So here is to the brand-new King George with his license to always start at zero!

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