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Pluto Posthumous: Lady Di and the Accident

Myths and fairytales arise when idols die. Now that the legend Lady Diana posthumously has a Pluto opposition Sun, another story has been added. On 31 August 1997 – almost exactly one year after her divorce from Prince Charles (who has Uranus as Lord 7 on Aquarius DC precisely at the accident degree) – a Mercedes drives into a Paris tunnel after midnight. Possibly blinded by flashes from the paparazzi, the driver loses control of the car at 12:23 a.m. This happens as the IC on the Seine moves over the mundane Leo-Moon and the MC is close to the Aquarius-Jupiter. What an image. The woman on the back seat, who dies a few hours after the car collides with a pillar, has a Cancer-Sun with Sagittarius-AC – of all things – as the mundane signum. The accident goes around the world, also because Diana Spencer –- who would only live for 36 years – was the mother of the future King of England. Up to this day, public mistrust has never completely ceased. Suddenly the black sheep who had shaken up the Royals until the crown wobbled was now dead. A letter (FOCUS) that was coincidentally found during another case has now renewed the old rumors.

A soldier supposedly boasted in it that the special military unit SAS (Special Air Service, which is under the control of the British Secret Service) is responsible for the death of Lady Di. The authorities have allegedly known about its contents since 2011, but Scotland Yard is only now examining its "credibility" – even if it absolutely does not want to reopen the investigation. The North Node, Saturn, and Jupiter are currently triggering precisely the accident-Mars in Scorpio, Ruler of the 12th house of the drama, which means what is concealed and not yet exposed to the light. Everything is infinitely reflexive.

In the astrological sense, the time is quite appropriate since the dead often come back into the public's consciousness when their radix is touched by important transits. After all, the person's horoscope does not die with him or her. For Lady Diana Spencer, the Princess of Wales, Uranus and Pluto are in a vehement tension with the Sun at this moment. First memories of her rise to the surface through the birth of her grandson George, and then the freshly fed suspicion that it was not an accident after all back then – as her lover’s father has speculated for years. What can be done astrologically to bring more light into such cases? Not much if there are no precise birth times for the parties that may possibly be involved. Yet, a comparison with the time of the event is still possible.


At the time of Diana Spencer's death, she has several unusually exact transits. Especially the sudden, technical injury is indicated by Uranus, Lord 2, on the precise degree of Jupiter (AC-Lord). When located in the 1st quadrant, both represent the risk of physical injury that is triggered through the Aquarius-MC on mundane Jupiter during the accident. The event reflects the time and victim. We can see the circumstances of the death even more sharply by placing the AC at the Apex 8 of Diana's otherwise unchanged radix. Such a horoscope on the new 8th House always says something about the disposition and climate of the deepest existential experiences. Such as our closest ties, but also the departure from this life.

In her closest relationships, Lady Di – the sensitive Cancer Sun – was not at all the innocent angel; instead, she was sometimes aggressive, very goal-oriented, and could also be manipulative. Virgo-Mars-Pluto (with the attached Uranus) in 8 is already critical in the radix at times to the point of no return and sometimes even brutal in crossing other people's boundaries (House 8 = House 2 of the counterpart). Yet, all of this easily falls under the table with the radiant appearance of the Sagittarius-AC with its shimmering Aquarius-Jupiter, the elegant Libra-MC, and the shy water-Sun with R-Mercury in the overview. She also stole love letters from Charles' briefcase when the newspapers wanted evidence for his chronic affair with Camilla, put out and controlled information on the Royals, and did not allow the nanny to read fairytales to her beloved sons in the evenings when they clung too tightly to the "substitute" mother.

This probing relationship aptitude is obviously already reflected in the birth horoscope, especially when things became binding – and this means Diana's relationships in the 8th House. In the reflex-like exchange of her airy 7th House (Gemini), she was much more relaxed, very flexible, and flirty in the pure encounter. Since the 8th House (with Scorpio and Pluto) indicates the implementation of responsible and loyal bonds and existential "detachments" for every individual, it also says much about death. One suitable approach for learning even more about this is to use the Axis-Cross turned onto Apex 8 – which is then read like a radix in relation to just the area of the 8th House. It reacts dominantly to transits and illustrates the triggering of the radix topics in view of bonding and death. Incidentally, this method can be transferred to all houses when we want to evaluate their significance in a more differentiated manner. When the AC is placed on the corresponding apex, this defoliates the remaining radix disposition in its effects on the respective area in an entirely new way.

Although the conspicuous accident MC-IC axis with Jupiter and the Moon runs through her 8th and 2nd House in Diana's birth picture, no sharp aspects can be seen here. This is entirely different when the moment of the accident is placed above the new 8th House radix with its Cancer AC. We can immediately see how closely the trigger sits on Diana's Apex 2-8 in existential matters. Jupiter-MC directly touches the topic of dying (or an emotional detachment), the Moon triggers the filled, injured 2nd House with the dominance of Uranus (Lord 8 - sudden, "machine" encounters with crises or death), Mars (Lord 10, destiny "attacks"), and Pluto (Lord 5, life force turns against security in 2).

The Sun in 12 is associated with the relationships for competition, lack of consciousness, and hiding the self, in connection with the circumstances of death, for helplessness and weakness, and/or unconsciousness. In terms of the mundane, the Sun has just moved in the direction of House 3 and takes the "little paths" there after still standing on Pluto, Lord 5, on the radix and 8th House chart of the previous day.

This was the day that the princess had departed from a Sardinia vacation with Dodi Al Fayed (RADIX Astro-Databank), an Aries with Taurus-AC, to Paris, their "place of death." Under the transits of Neptune, in the radix Lord 3 (which also indicates the danger and obliteration of substance on the "little paths") and in the 8th House-radix Lord 9 (foreign countries), with the exact degree on Saturn as Lord 2 of the radix and Lord 7 of the 8th House horoscope. This is where it becomes a wall that appears in front of the individual. Pluto, radix Lord 11, which always brings the vehement Mars conjunction with it in the transits, runs very close to Apex 12 in Diana's radix and into what is suppressed, roused, and fatefully liberated if we do not liberate it on our own. The mother of William and Harry stands in the middle of a Pluto square to Pluto-Mars that had already existed since the year before: the time of the divorce. Rumor had it that she was in the process of becoming seriously involved with the Muslim Al-Fayed, who – among other things – would then have become stepfather to the future king. A profoundly Plutonian battle apparently took place under the surface, as well as within the royal family of her sons. But Diana did what she wanted, and perhaps she did so especially for this reason. The constellation was strong in the 8th House chart of relationships.

As a result, this horoscope also shows the general circumstances of Diana's existential experiences (including that of death), which had firm triggers at the time of the accident: With Mars-Pluto-Uranus in 2, the drama of this August night in 1997 manifests in a sudden and violent manner. AC-Lord Moon of the 8th House radix and the Sun-Lord of the customary radix suddenly trigger the substance at the Leo-IC mundane and bring it into a materially visible form. The pure symbols come to an end in 2. At the same time, Jupiter (AC Lord radix and Lord 6 of the 8th field horoscope) activates the Apex 8 of this area of existence, the possible death itself, and whatever is and must remain undone. Pluto on Apex 3 in the disposition basically shows an endangerment on brief trips. Saturn in Capricorn in 7 is the massive obstacle that can only be overcome with extreme hardness (but is released to the obliging surrounding world in 7) and appears befogged by the transiting Neptune. Uranus, Lord 8 of the 8th House chart, stands on the radix Jupiter and signals direct disorders and abrupt breaks due to technical excesses (Aquarius). Too high, too fast, too far. The result (MC) remains Mars, the injury (in Virgo, all senses or multiple failures of all functionalities). This is even more severe since it moves with Pluto here. A story could not be clearer, especially in retrospect.

But what about the other "perpetrators" as the long-term suspicious parties? Seat belts that had not been fastened (once again the topic of the 2nd House), a drunken driver (Neptune on Saturn, which should actually play an organizing role), and the paparazzi as they hunted one of the most famous women in the world at that time (which in turn is Mars as Lord 10)? The new suspicion against the Secret Service now comes into play. This always means moving on very thin ice. It is neither helpful to contribute to new conspiracy theories nor pick over the strongly linked statement of mutual relationships with such a weak basis of repeatedly missing "founding times" (such as that of the SAS) that is too undifferentiated and lacks the background. Even just the above abbreviation of the analysis in the superficial, simple area of analogy can easily lead to forgetting the emotional significance of the transits and dispositions. But we can approach the event in the astrological sense.

Both the accident horoscope (above left) and Lady Diana's 8th House chart indicate a relationship and/or family "reason" for the death. Namely, if we search for the causes, we always look astrologically at the heart of things on the IC. This is where everything always begins and has a "female" context in both places in terms of the close relationships and circumstances of the death. Diana was deserted at an early age by her mother since the Earl, her father, insisted on a son and did not take his many girls seriously. After her birth, he ultimately forced the mother into humiliating examinations since she "could only have girls." When the little brother – called Charles, of all names, just like her future husband who turned to ice next to her – finally arrived, her mother soon disappeared. Diana's 8 field chart has Venus – which rules the Libra point of the lower heaven and even stands in 11 (the house of separation and liberation) – in turn in its own sign of Taurus. Someone is involuntarily moving away from the herd or tribe since Uranus forms a square to Venus from 2. This imprints Diana's relationships and her death. On the other hand, the accident radix has the Moon as Lord 2 and 3 on the IC; as its Lord, the Sun, the royal star, is in 4: an overemphasis on the subjects of the family and its will. At the time of the tunnel drama, it is just in the process of moving out of a square with Pluto, which reflects Diana's Pluto-Mars transits with the entanglements in the matters of the Kingdom. Jupiter at MC, which comes from the 7 (the counterpart) and is in the process of taking the fight out of Lady Di, rules the MC and plays the opponent to the Moon; this demonstrates the immense tension between life models, self, and the expectations of others that grind away at the young woman. Charles will always be the father of her sons and always have an influence on her relationships since she is also an image for the Empire. This does not please the Royal Family at all. The ideology (Aquarius, where the Mars-Jupiter of the Queen is also located) is more important than the play of Leo.

Whatever may have happened on this basis in the background, the eyes of the public are currently on the new suspicion against the elite unit of the Special Air Service (foundation horoscope of the re-installation two years after the Second World War, without any time designation, at the right). Here is the horoscope of those who have been associated with the death of Lady Di, together with a brief, uninterpreted comparison at the time of the accident:

•             SAS: Pluto in the starting area of the IC-MC trigger axis mundane in Leo. Accident-Mars sextile radix Sun-Mars, mundane Saturn, possibly close to the Moon (too uncertain!).

•             Conjunction of SAS time + accident: Mercury-Chiron conjunction Aries close opposition Uranus Libra. This tends to indicate that the organization as a whole was surprised by Diana's death. The square Sun-Mars to Neptune is now solely triggered by Uranus-Pluto and puts a public spotlight on the SAS.


•             John Sutherell, Director of Special Forces (plus SAS until 1999) Synastry to the accident: Mundane Chiron and Neptune transits on the Sun, accident-trigger axis Leo-Aquarius touches Leo-Mars-Pluto (and produces the square Scorpio-Venus/Chiron), Aquarius Midday Moon exactly at the accident Jupiter-MC.

•             Conjunction of Sutherell + Diana: Leo-Moon and Sun-Mercury in the first Virgo degrees = parallel to accident constellation.

•             Conjunction of Sutherell + Prince Charles: Mars-Saturn-Pluto in Leo around the aforementioned trigger axis, which stands in the square to the Taurus-Sun conjunction (on the Taurus-AC of Dodi Al Fayed).

•             Conjunction SAS + Diana: 27 degrees Capricorn Chiron (the injury), square to Neptune and Venus on the radix Saturn, directly encountered by the transiting Neptune.

Already in 1983, Diana and Charles (as most recently also William and Catherine) had an unusual contact with the SAS. At that time, they had to engage in a training session at its location, the little village of Credenhill, to supposedly prepare themselves for possible assassination attempts. Uranus and Saturn from Libra closely met the Venus-Chiron-Neptune square of their Davison Relationship Chart, which was also activated during the accident. A bad omen at that time: The Princess of Wales' hair caught fire due to a misfired hand grenade during the training. But she escaped with just a fright at that time. The accident and its alleged connection to the Secret Service, which is now being investigated by Scotland Yard with all of the necessary care, did not only have a quicker end 14 years later but also a more deadly one. 

This was already suggested by Diana's last lunar return chart before August 31, 1997 when calculated at Sandringham as her birth place. Especially for people with an emphasis in the 4th Zodiac principle, such as the Princess, lunars frequently show developments in a clear and timely manner. This last Moon return before her death already speaks of a distinct warning about dangers: Saturn on precisely on the DC anticipates its insurmountable barrier in the 8th House horoscope and the Neptune transits through its radix point at the time of the accident. On the one hand, Neptune on the IC as Lord 5 goes back to the origin of all things and points out the confusing circumstances and the later secret about Diana's death on the other hand. But what is most conspicuous and depressing is that the midheaven is in a standoff with Lady Di's radix House 8 and stimulates it for the coming 4 weeks. Lunar Mars in 1 square Uranus is a double warning about the risk of an accident. Venus, Lady 8 (which correlates with the "female" causes in the above-mentioned horoscopes), opens the 12th House at 0 degrees Libra – all of what is hidden and concealed, as well as eternity, which receives a strong pull as a result. Apex 8 is on Dodi's Sun in Taurus and produces a square to the MC-IC accident axis.

Especially with these strong astrological images, Diana's death remains an eerie story that contains many archetypes and puzzles, as well as all of the fuzziness that always arises with the creation of myths. When given an astrological interpretation – even without the information related to time that are necessary for a responsible approach – a trend or direction can be discerned. But it is enough to remember that no results can be achieved to really secure a judgment without the precise data. This is why we are closing this chapter for the time being with the recommendation of conducting a non-binding astrological experiment with Lady Diana's isolated 8th House axes intersection in place of the respective radix axes in the horoscope of those who were connected with her or were in conflict with her. It may be that one or more additional surprises could show up as a result. Honi soit, qui mal y pense. Shame upon him who thinks evil upon it. The motto of the Order of the Garter, which is headed by the Queen.

Image source for Loop! Collage: United Instead Federal Government [Public domain] via Wikimedia Commons

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