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Egypt - End of the Spring?

When the cradles of our civilization – Iraq, Syria, and Egypt – are dominated by turmoil and war, this has more than just a political significance. This is also where the spirit of our age, symbolized by the square between Uranus and Pluto, is expressed. It is an indication that more is involved than the introduction of democracy to the Arabian countries. Instead, this is about a general reorientation in a world that is increasingly losing its boundaries, in which everything is linked with everything else, and every change on the small scale has direct consequences for the whole.

So the events in Egypt are rightfully receiving the appropriate attention. Whatever happens there in the coming months can lead the way for many other developments. And if we look at the astrological background within this context as a type of mirror for the spirit of our times, it is perhaps helpful to once again visualize the basics of the above-mentioned square.

Uranus and Pluto symbolize the two archetypical streams of consciousness that have a less direct influence on the individual. They are obviously also reflected in the everyday experience of each person and can consequently be transformed and co-created – at least indirectly. But above all, both are manifested in the movement of large masses where many individuals come together and mutually create something that is more than just the sum of its parts. At the least, this is a dynamic that no one can escape in the long run.


The Uranian principle has many facets. Uranus' discovery occurred together with America's independence and the beginnings of the French Revolution. In both cases, this involved overcoming a political system in which individuals had the power to ignore the wishes and needs of the many. The monarchy as an institution was ultimately replaced by a system in which "the people" became the sovereign. In any case, this was and remains the objective.

There have obviously always been such efforts to gain freedom, but the discovery of a planet also shows that it is time to lastingly anchor its associated contents in life and the collective consciousness. As a result, they receive the same status as the "old" archetypes that are expressed through the principles of the classic planets. At the same time, their much more complex peculiarities continue to exist. So this also leads to new learning processes and a corresponding consciousness that frequently does not find its appropriate forms of expression until centuries later. After all, the Uranian mental training has only been developed for just about 230 years on our planet; this is a very brief time compared with the long evolution that humanity already has behind it.

That the term chaos has always been used to describe Uranus since that time can easily lead to misunderstandings. Chaos in the Uranian sense solely describes a certain phase of every development in which the innovations – the so-calledbifurcations, which did not previously exist in this form – occur for the first time. Then we experience the challenges, which are necessarily created as a result, as chaos since the integration of the new into the old always also entails a certain phase of trial and error. However, this is primarily related to the implementation, which actually cannot be attributed to Uranus anymore. In order to consciously integrate the Uranian principles, certain preconditions are required. Above all, this is a sense (which we could just as easily call intuition) for what can or could be created from the complex interaction of many individual factors. Then this consciousness replaces the idea of a "fateful coincidence" (as a euphemism for ignorance of these correlations).

This can also be seen in the development of the sciences. The so-called Age of Enlightenment comes to its conclusion and climax during this phase; our modern scientific image of the world is in many ways based upon the Uranian principle of an expanded and more complex understanding of the world. And may therefore often also seem cold and cool wherever science just indulges in abstractions and stereotypes and the emotional water areas of a holistic reality – expressed by the Neptune principle – have not yet been incorporated.

A development obviously always occurs in the Uranian sense. So every time that the Moon is connected with Uranus, smaller bifurcations also occur. The same applies to all of the other aspects and sign changes. But when Uranus occurs in a tension aspect with one of the other slow runners, the effects of these renewals are set in a more long-term manner. This is precisely what we now see wherever people are taking to the streets again and demanding their rights – whether in Turkey, Brazil, or Egypt. But if we Westerners believe that this is just a matter of the so-called backward states achieving the status that "we Westerners" have long had, we have not really understood the true topic.

After all, many of our social and political achievements are also endangered these days. This may be due to the old structures of the financial sector that have created poverty in many European countries or the challenges of the Internet that include the surveillance scandals that are increasingly coming to light (see PRISM: Big Brother Is Watching You). So leaning back during these times and just watching the development in other states is certainly not in the sense of this principle. Uranus in Aries requires a new global beginning with fresh impulses that are sustainable and powerful enough to enable their transformation and adaptation (synchronous with the Uranus passing through the other Zodiac phases) in the next 84 years of this cycle.

The momentary square with Pluto only creates temporary obstacles that must be included but should not be allowed to serve as the basis for the development of new solutions. Otherwise, their effectiveness will already be over and done within the next year.


Other contents are historically related to the discovery of Pluto, but major changes can also be seen here once again. The emergence of National Socialism with its horrible consequences occurred during this time period, as well as the discovery of nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. But also the Salt March by Mohandas Gandhi as an expression of absolute non-violent resistance, the consequences of which were no less Plutonian and fanatic. Yet, while the fascists sacrificed others on the perverse altar of their thirst for power, Gandhi and his followers made this sacrifice themselves and did so on their own accord. This appears to be one of the key aspects of Plutonian transformations: Something must always be given up so that the energy – which would otherwise be trapped in structures, ideas, and concepts – can be released.

But what is valid to the integration of the Uranian principle must be applied even more so to Pluto. Only during the past 83 years have astrologers had experiences with the "Ruler of the Underworld" and we are actually still at the beginning in this respect. This can now also be seen in the controversial discussion about its status as a planet. What may seem like a demotion at first glance can also manifest in the future as an expansion that provides the astrological model with new impulses.

Which is right: Pluto is very small for a planet and its size is supposedly just one-third of the Earth's moon. In an age in which quantity often takes precedence over quality, it may also appear to be unimportant. But it is distinguished by something else that has not been observed anywhere else in this form:

Together with Charon, its companion, it basically creates a double-planet system. Both revolve around a common center of gravity and always turn the same side toward each other. During an orbit of somewhat more than 6 days, both also turn around their own axis at the exact same speed. This strange ballet with its tremendous precession is unique in this form within our solar system.

That an entirely new category (the plutoids or plutinos) has been named after it is another indication of its extraordinary position among the other heavenly bodies. Its analogic effectiveness is undisputed among astrologers, which anyone who has ever enjoyed an extended Pluto transit will probably confirm.

Its change of signs also often brings radical transformations with it. Both world wars (change into Cancer and Leo respectively) or the financial crisis of 2008 (change into Capricorn) are three examples of this. But while we have already been able to observe Uranus a number of times in its complete passage through the zodiac and Neptune at least once, this experience is still lacking for Pluto since it will only return to the place of its discovery in 2173.

However, it has been possible to observe its connections with other planets – including and especially with Uranus (also see 2013 Awakening (2) - Virtual Worlds and  2013 - Awakening: Part 1. The last square of the two falls in the years between 1931 and 1933. This was a time of upheaval that brought many new perceptions but also paved the way for Hitler to seize power in Germany.

The transformative forces attributed to Pluto definitely have a different nature than the Uranian principle, but they are no less powerful – quite the contrary. Wherever Uranus creates transformation through the connection of various elements, which then join together to form something new, the Plutonian transformation occurs either through the division and/or destruction of the main "core topic" or merging with one of the others. Tremendous energy is released in this process, a principle that also allows our sun to "shine."

Egypt - Symbol for the Spirit of Our Age

The first revolution, also called the Facebook Revolution, was actually a reaction to the aging process of the outdated system. Primarily young people went on the streets and demanded the abdication of the old ruling powers. Everything was still under the influence of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius. Solely Pluto was already in Capricorn at that time, which means that it had been able to develop its effect in relation to the state institutions and old power structures (Saturn-Capricorn) for some time. The start of this phase occurred simultaneously almost to the day with the change of Jupiter into the sign of Aries; so this is a new beginning of visions and an orientation toward the future. But this is not necessarily connected with a concrete vision of how the new element could be organized in a practical form.

On the one hand, all of this became possible through the innovations of Uranus in Pisces and Neptune in Aquarius. It resulted in the digital linking of the many, who were able to organize themselves quickly and unexpectedly into a mass movement with the means of modern times. But this was also due to the weakness of the old system, the destruction of the inner core, which increasingly isolated itself instead of establishing new connections. At the beginning, this uprising was actually also an uprising of the young against the old; however, in the course of these significant days, the "free radicals" of Egyptian society also turned up and suddenly marched to the very front – the Muslim Brotherhood.

While the West already celebrated the resignation of Mubarak as a victory of the democratic movement, Uranus – the actual renewer – only changed into the sign of Aries on March 12. What may have seemed like a quick change of power started to increasingly drag on. The country did not calm down. Quite to the contrary, the conflicts became harsher, the interests of the individual groups concentrated more and more on their own goals, and this resulted in the fragmentation of the movement.

In turn, the beneficiaries of the chaos were the Muslim Brotherhood because after the elimination of the old strongmen, it was the only group that stood for both principles. On the one hand, they actually wanted a renewal in their sense (Uranus); but due to their orientation upon Islam, they also embodied conservative values (Pluto in Capricorn) and promised a return to peace and order. Yet when Mohammed Mursi swore the oath of office on June 30, 2012, he did this at a conceivably unfavorable point in time from the astrological perspective.

Mohammed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood

On the day of his swearing in, the Uranus-Pluto square was perfectly supplemented by the Cancer-Sun. It had become exact for the first time just four days before; to top it off, Mursi's Moon-Jupiter conjunction was in Aries and this is also precisely the focus of this time aspect.

So on the one hand we have a president who is personally involved within this field of tension and can and must therefore also feel what this time requires as an individual. On the other hand, he is consequently also identified with all of the related difficulties; so he is under even more pressure. And Mursi – as a Leo Sun with another Pluto conjunction –

made decisive errors in the following period of time. Disregarding all of the democratic institutions, he installed a power apparatus that can hardly be differentiated from the old one. He bypassed other parts of the movement and mainly puts his own confidants into the responsible offices.

So he became part of the system whose transformation the first revolution wanted to implement. And just one year later, he was disempowered by the military while hundreds of thousands on the streets celebrated this as a new victory.

In turn, this overthrow of the government occurs under precisely the same signs as when Mursi was installed as the president: Once again, the Sun stands in opposition to Pluto and the Taurus Moon in the square to Uranus is almost exactly in opposition to the Scorpio Moon of when he took office.

The New Ruler

Since the overthrow of the government has occurred under this time signum, there is one thing that can already be said: Those who attempt to exploit this event for solidifying their own position of power will fail to do so. Perhaps not immediately, but no one can stay in power for the long run under these preconditions. At the moment, everything seems to point in the direction of the military wanting to install itself as the top authority. In order for it to accomplish this, an escalation between Mursi's followers and opponents would be desirable from its perspective. This is a perfidious strategy, but it fits in well with the overall picture when we know who really is the strong man in Egypt at the moment.

With his Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Saturn in the Plutonian rulership sign, Abd al-Fattah el-Sissi fits well into the overall picture. As a Plutonian manifestation of power, he will identify more with the old structures and probably is less inclined to represent true renewal and democratization; above all, this is true as long as Saturn passes through this sign. Perhaps he sees himself in the role of the first pharaoh, who (according to the views of many historians) implemented the unification of the kingdom that was still divided at that time. And had the epithet of Scorpion II (approx. 3400 B.C.).

El-Sissi is not personally involved in the square for the spirit of our age and probably will not be much help to the country in this respect. In the best case, he can curb an escalation that would cause thousands of deaths because at least as long as Jupiter is still passing above the foundation Mars of the republic, there is still the actual danger of a civil war.

The Future - The Long Path into a New Time

It would be wrong to now force one of the groups in the country back into the underground. Because no matter how the goals and intentions of the Muslim Brotherhood are evaluated, it would continue its fight with the old means if it was forced back to the sidelines. But if it is integrated, it must at least adapt its behavior to the necessities of this process.

Otherwise, history could repeat itself. In the previous time period (1931-1933), two hostile groups also faced each other under a Uranus-Pluto square in Germany. Hitler's fascists on the one side and the communists and socialists on the other. Both sides took the path of violence, which offered Hitler the excuse for his Enabling Acts and ultimately led to the dictatorship. And to the Second World War.

All sides in Egypt should know that violence will only trigger even more use of force and violence. And at the end of this spiral, a new pharaoh will ascend to the throne – someone who no one wanted and who in turn will only serve his own interests. As already mentioned above, a long breath is necessary to bring the required renewal in a practical and sustainable manner. And this path should be like the path of Gandhi in order to prevent senseless sacrifice. This applies not only to Egypt but for all areas of life and the entire world. Over the coming months, more oil will be poured into the fire of those who are stuck in the past and the fanatics who only are familiar with "back to the future" and would prefer to destroy a world that does not correspond with their ideas.

But Pluto in Capricorn and Uranus in Aries will do "their work." It will take time, but the process of transforming rigid hierarchies and structures has already begun. And as soon as the mutual obstruction of the transformational forces loses its power, new impulses will become increasingly visible. And also be able to establish themselves in the long run.

Then it will become important that those who have committed themselves to these new ideas do not become exhausted and discouraged due to a hopeless fight. Instead, they should continue to be active and present in the work to implement their ideals so that they will ultimately bring in the harvest that they have earned and enjoy the fruits of their labor. Above all, this is intended as advice for the young generation – no matter whether it is committed to a better and more just future in Egypt or anywhere else in the world.

Your time will come. Do not let yourselves become discouraged.

Title picture - Loop! Collage: Cheops by Jon Bodsworth [see page for license], via Wikimedia Commons;

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