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The White Widow and the GC

This woman is a phantom. The White Widow – mother, strategist, and suspected terrorist – has the type of horoscope that we do not see every day. Even if we just know the noon positions. Five Sagittarius factors, three of which are very close to the Galactic Center of all places. After the bloodbath at the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, which also began with the ascendant (time: "about noon") on the GC, a vehement search for Samantha Lewthwaite is underway by Interpol per Red Notice. The almost 30-year-old (with a concentration of all ten classic natal chart factors between Libra and Capricorn) is now the most wanted woman in the world. She is described as dangerous, possibly a bomb-builder, and suspected of terrorism. 

People with many natal chart positions close to the Milky Way system's center of mass often have a considerable pull on the surrounding world. They radiate and attract, and the result frequently results in unusual turns in life. They can be grandiose or extremely destructive. Lewthwaite's nickname of White Widow is not just a blueprint of the Chechen suicide-assassins called the Black Widows. It also refers to the astrological proximity of the Scorpionic (Scorpio-Pluto sextile to Mercury in the birth picture), the Western origin, and the fact that Lewthwaite has two children with the assassin Germaine Lindsay. He died in 2005 during the underground attacks in London. Appropriate to her galactic positions, his Sun is located just before the Super Galactic Center at 2 Libra.

Another Face of This Time

When the West Mall attacks – for which the militant Islamic Al-Shabaab from Somalia ( = the Youth - also an image for the rebel Uranus mundane in Aries) later took responsibility – the Sun had just moved out of the precise square to Lewthwaite's Neptune in the last degrees of Sagittarius (with the Moon and Jupiter). But the rising signs once again precisely activate this square. During the hostage-taking and attacks that lasted a number of days, at least 72 people were killed while countless were tortured and wounded. Even if no one knows whether Lewthwaite actually shared the responsibility for this, the transits during the events in Kenya fit in unusually well with her natal chart and history. At this time, she also carries – like many faces of the times – the mundane Uranus-Pluto-square as an atmospheric signum above the birth-Mars in Libra. This also creates the Pluto-Mars, the aspect of the disenfranchised and outlaws. Perpetrators and victims alike. Who is this White Widow?

Samantha Lewthwaite was born in December 1983 in Northern Ireland. Her birthplace of Banbridge is a little town somewhere between Belfast and Dublin. When her parents got a divorce in 1994, Saturn moved out of Pisces squaring all of her Sagittarius positions. According to the reports, she lost her faith in Christianity at that time. Questions of faith as life topics are not unusual for Sagittarius or 9th principle positions in the birth picture, which is also connected with the imagined picture of god or the gods (above all, also the foreign ones). This also includes some cases of ensoulment through "divine" wisdom.

Rather shy at first, the girl then apparently looked for support in the Muslim neighborhood since she very much enjoyed its sense of family. During puberty, Samantha supposedly became more extensively involved with religious backgrounds and converted at latest at the age of 17 years, around the time that Pluto moved over the Sun-Uranus conjunction in her natal chart. With Scorpionic involvement, this is a ticket for a free ride in ideologies: separation, liberation, and letting go as a disposition with the sudden, new fixation through Pluto. With her ambivalences about her origin, her own culture, and her family and the sometimes sticky bonds of what has grown, the more than 60 percent fire in Lewthwaite's natal chart rarely feels good. Especially not in Sagittarius. This disposition requires action and vision; above all, it needs the contents that invite the mental Libra-Mars into confrontations.

Seen in this light, the birth picture of the White Widow already illustrates an extreme – meaning a very wide but ultimately one-dimensional – pattern in Sagittarius even without the house system. Everything revolves around the crossing of all boundaries, and much of this also includes the integration of contents that are more exotic than the United Kingdom can offer this young girl. Samantha broke with the world of her parents and studied politics and religion at a School for Oriental and African Studies. With just one planet in earth, Mercury, it is probable that Lewthwaite had been extremely susceptible for visions, projects, plans, and energetic adventures from the start but remains the progressive thinker who only implemented her countless impulses in a thorough Saturnine way – if at all.

The earth position of thinking leads the Sagittarius team to a hard pragmatism when things get tight. At the age of 19 years, under the Saturn opposition to Neptune and a Mars-Mars conjunction, Asmantara (her Islamic name) married Jamal (Germaine), the Muslim who was two years younger. The marriage occurred according to the traditional rites but was said to be invalid because it was never registered. Pluto now slowly moved towards the Moon-Jupiter-Neptune at the GC, her birth aspects that equally indicate the obliteration of the foreign and excessive illusions on the other end of the pole. Both usually go hand in hand. Pluto had already brought Samantha the encounter with Islam and her fascination with its belief concepts. Lewthwaite (appropriate to the Moon-Pluto) had a little boy and was once again pregnant in her eighth month – this time with a daughter – as the "suicide bomber" Germaine causes 26 people to die with him in an underground train when he ignited an explosion as part of a series of attacks.

This day, on which Lewthwaite became the White Widow, Jupiter stood exactly on her Mars; as the Sun-Ruler, it was sharp and exaggerated as it triggered mental aggression, impulses, and drives in Libra. Beyond every boundary. The Venus-Mercury conjunction in Leo makes a square to the birth-Saturn, which is a combination that will also play a role over and over again later in her life. Among other things, Venus-Saturn means: forever. Whatever remains as a standard, cannot be eradicated and rejected, and is paradoxically often associated with rejection. In the Time-Davison Relationship Chart, Samantha has a precise Mars-Uranus-Neptune opposition and retrospectively finds herself once again in the year that her parents divorced. The separation experience repeats itself. But she claims that she knew nothing about Germaine's intentions and background.

No one assumed that she was really entangled in all of this. In 2008, Pluto was on Lewthwaite's Neptune at the GC. She appeared somewhere and then disappeared again, trekked through England with her children, and had new contacts. Once again, a turning point in destiny: She supposedly married Habib Ghani – half Kenyan and half Pakistani with connections to Islamist extremists and Hamas – and had a third child, and then went to North Africa with him. People also called this man Osama al-Britani since he has connections with the Jihadists. Lewthwaite's Mercury was exposed to increasing pressure through Pluto; radicalization and obsessive preoccupation with extreme attitudes suggests itself. This is a frequent expression of container thinking, especially in a conjunction. People have difficulty in detaching from a probing fixation on contents.

Whatever happened in the meantime, in February 2012, four years later, Pluto moved into the square to Lewthwaite's Mars. An aspect of the very greatest compulsion, like steam pressure. This involves coercions, panic, feeling broken, and the attempt to experience power instead of helplessness – which the individual begins to fear and destroy. It is not rare for this to be connected with expectations of threats, which are repeatedly reeled in by the Sun-Uranus and the person's own aggression. It sees Mars in Libra as a response to imagined attacks – and sometimes reacts with self-aggrandizement, especially when Uranus also approaches an opposition from Aries. Saturn is already standing like the hand of a clock pointing to Venus-Pluto in Lewthwaite's natal chart. On the one hand, it symbolizes the repeated experience of rejection; on the other hand, it shows the long-term course for the future and sometimes also means financial entanglements. Those who now make a destructive decision often cannot escape its consequences for many years to come. Samantha appears to have chosen a highly problematic path.

Kenya has issued an arrest warrant for a European woman with three children who travels under three different identities and has a strong outward similarity with the White Widow. This woman – who has at times appeared in South Africa and other places on the Black Continent and then disappeared again – is under suspicion of having a connection with Al-Shabaab, the Somalian, militant "boys," as well as helping to organize their financing and even planning attacks in Kenya as revenge for the anti-terror actions in Somalia. One of the plans possibility also included the attack on the Westgate Mall (natal chart of the start of the attack at the upper right), which took place one year later. A short time later, it was revealed that this woman, who commits identity theft over and over again, is presumably actually the White Widow. 

Samantha Lewthwaite is suspected of having been involved in a number of attacks in Africa, up to the dramatic events in September 2013. On September 12, her companion Habib Ghani – the Osama al-Britani with whom she probably had a child – died during an internal feud with a presumed American Jihadist in the militant organization. The Sun stood exactly in square to Lewthwaite's natal chart Jupiter in Sagittarius, Venus on her Pluto, and Mars where Venus was in Leo back in London when Germaine committed public suicide through the underground attacks. Instead of Venus, Mars forms the square to the birth-Saturn this time.

When a short time later – as the terrorists stormed the Westgate Mall in Nairobi, took hostages, and caused a four-day bloodbath, especially among non-Muslims, at noon on September 21 – Venus-Saturn once again repeated the aspect that had already previously played a role in Lewthwaite's life during turning points. Not only was Venus now exactly on her Saturn, the Moon in Aries also created a trine to the Sagittarius planets that triggered the ascendant during the beginning of the attacks. Eyewitnesses claim that they saw a European woman among the terrorists.

But up to now, no one has provided any proof of Samantha Lewthwaite's involvement in the four days of terror. Yet, a global search has been underway for the past few days through the Red Notice at Interpol. However, Samantha Lewthwaite's Pluto and Saturn transits across Mars are still long from over. On the day of the mall attacks, her Time-Davison Relationship Chart showed a very unusual aspect: the exact conjunction of the Sun, Venus, and Lilith in Scorpio. Saturn has just turned retrograde in Aries. The woman finds herself – at the intersection of today with yesterday that Time-Davison Relationship Charts reflect – in the year 1998 as a thematically reflexive repetition of the phase as she converted to Islam and the shy, middle-class girl turned into a headstrong young woman with a self-determined way of thinking. More radical and free of inhibitions than ever before. The GC in her horoscope had already become clearly tangible and visible at that time. After all, Islam was not a restriction for Samantha Lewthwaite but apparently the gateway into a liberated world.

Her horrified parents have no idea where she is and do not even know the name of the third child. Their daughter is now said to be a sharpshooter and may have completed military training with the militia. But she is considered highly dangerous not only because it is assumed that she is capable of building bombs. Up until a while ago, Al-Shabaab was still considered to be a rather antiquated organization. The drama at the mall proves that the "revolutionary" logistics have come of age, which has also been attributed to the influence of the young Western Jihadists. During this week, the Sun once again activated Lewthwaite's problematic transits over Mars. A short time later, the woman for whom half the world is now searching will have her Saturn Return that will ring in an entirely new round of destiny.

These transits can combine their effects into strong desires for control, as well as intensive outbursts or aggression and a vehement hierarchical striving. In Kenya and on the British island, people suspect that Samantha Lewthwaite is a type of fanaticized mastermind instead of someone who is engaged in the actual practice of terror. Incidentally, the white widow in the animal kingdom is a spider (appropriate to the Pluto analogy) that casts very unusual nets. Its special feature is a special, peculiar lair that is far removed and separate from the capture web; it is spun as a hermetic and pipe-like hiding place for its female resident. 

Image source: INTERPOL

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